Are you transitioning to new technology at your Corporation,school, business or Organization ?

Sell your 20+ used tablets, smartphones, and wearables to Rapid Buy back in a very simple and swift transaction.

Corporate Recycling
  • Our Affiliated Enterprise Division is designed for businesses, government agencies,corporations and entities with more than 100 devices deployed.
  • All data on the devices are scrubbed using our patented data disposition technology.
  • One hundred percent of consumer content is removed.
  • All SIM cards are shredded and destroyed.
Enterprise Services
  • Complete data destruction – 100% of consumer content is removed from all devices using state-of-the-art technology.
  • All phones,smartphones,Tablets etc will go through automated data sanitization tools to ensure the removal of all personal data and all corporate IT policies from each device takes place.
  • Secure handling of devices.
  • Comprehensive reporting with ESN tracking.
  • Top dollar for your used devices.